How to Fix D90 Error on Lg Dryer

  • Check the lint filter and clean it if necessary. A clogged lint filter can cause the D90 error to appear on your LG dryer.
  • Inspect the venting system and make sure it is not obstructed or damaged. A blocked or damaged venting system can also trigger the D90 error.
  • Ensure that the vent hood outside your home is not covered by debris or snow. This can prevent proper air flow and cause the D90 error to occur.
  • If none of these solutions work, you may need to hire a professional technician to inspect and repair your LG dryer.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of starting your LG dryer only to be met with an error code? Specifically, the dreaded D90 error that seems to haunt so many people. It’s a problem that can quickly turn laundry day into a nightmare. But fear not! There are solutions to this common issue, and we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix the D90 error on your LG dryer. We know firsthand how annoying it is to have a malfunctioning appliance, especially one as necessary as a dryer. No one wants to deal with damp clothes or towels piling up while waiting for a repairman. That’s why we’ve done our research and compiled everything you need to know in this guide.

So whether you’re dealing with the D90 error for the first time or have been struggling with it for months, keep reading. We’ll address some common pain points along the way and help you get back to enjoying fresh, dry laundry in no time.

The Quick Answer:

The D90 error on LG dryers indicates a clogged or obstructed ductwork, causing poor airflow and longer drying times. Check the vent system for blockages or damages, clean the lint filter and exhaust hose regularly, and avoid using plastic vents. If these don’t work, consider replacing the blower wheel or motor.

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Understanding the D90 Error on LG Dryers

What is the D90 Error?

The D90 error code on an LG dryer indicates that the dryer’s ductwork is clogged or obstructed. It means that there is poor airflow in your dryer, which can cause longer drying times, overheating, and damage to your clothes and the appliance.

Why does the D90 Error Occur?

The most common reason for a D90 error on an LG dryer is a blocked or restricted vent system. The exhaust vent must be clear of any obstructions such as lint buildup, debris, or even bird nests. Other reasons include a faulty blower wheel or motor, or a malfunctioning thermistor sensor.

Troubleshooting Tips for the D90 Error on Your LG Dryer

Check the Vent System

One of the first things you should do when you get a D90 error code is to check your dryer vent system. Make sure it’s not kinked or damaged in any way and inspect for any blockages such as lint buildup or debris. You should also check for proper airflow outside by feeling for air coming out of the vent when running.

Clean Lint Filter and Exhaust Hose

Another common cause of restricted airflow in LG dryers is a clogged lint filter. Clean it thoroughly before running another load to see if this solves the problem. Also, inspect and clean out your exhaust hose regularly to ensure proper ventilation.


– Use a vacuum cleaner with crevice tool attachment to clean inside of exhaust hose
– Avoid using plastic vents as they can accumulate static electricity charge leading to more lint accumulation

Common Solutions for Fixing the D90 Error on an LG Dryer

Replace the Blower Wheel or Motor

If you’ve checked everything, including the vent system and lint filter, and you’re still getting a D90 error code on your LG dryer, then it could be an issue with the blower wheel or motor. If either of these components is faulty, they will not be able to move air through the dryer efficiently.

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Replace the Thermistor Sensor

The thermistor sensor is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside the dryer. If it’s not functioning correctly, it may cause overheating leading to poor airflow, resulting in a D90 error code. Replacing this sensor can solve this problem.


– Always make sure that your dryer is unplugged before attempting any repairs.
– Refer to your user manual for instructions on how to replace parts.

DIY or Professional Help? What You Need to Know About Fixing the D90 Error on Your LG Dryer

If you’re comfortable working with appliances and have experience repairing them, fixing a D90 error on your LG dryer should be relatively straightforward. However, if you’re unsure about what’s causing the issue or don’t feel confident making repairs yourself, it’s best to seek professional help.

A professional technician will have advanced knowledge and experience in repairing LG dryers and can quickly diagnose and fix any issues with your appliance. They’ll also ensure that all safety protocols are followed during repair so that no further damage occurs.

It’s essential to weigh up your skills and knowledge before deciding to repair your LG dryer yourself or going for professional help.

Preventing the D90 Error: Tips for Maintaining Your LG Dryer

One of the best ways to prevent a D90 error on your LG dryer is by regularly maintaining it. Here are some tips:

– Clean out your lint filter after every load.
– Inspect and clean your dryer vent system at least once a year.
– Avoid drying items that have been exposed to flammable substances, such as gasoline or oil.
– Do not overload the dryer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on weight limits for each load.
– Regularly check and clean out the blower wheel and motor to ensure they’re working correctly.

By following these tips, you can help keep your LG dryer in good condition and avoid costly repairs caused by a D90 error code.

In conclusion, fixing the D90 error on an LG dryer requires simple steps such as cleaning the vent and checking for any blockages. By following these instructions, the error can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions about How to Fix D90 Error on Lg Dryer

Why does my LG dryer say d90 but no blockage?
If you encounter the error code d90 on your LG dryer, make sure to clean the lint filter and check that the exhaust hose at the back is not blocked by lint. Additionally, check the wall duct to ensure that there is no significant lint buildup in the wall, which may be obstructing airflow.

What does error code D80 d90 mean?
When your dryer’s control panel shows error codes D80, D90, or D95, it indicates that lint buildup has obstructed airflow in the ventilation system. The higher the number in the code, the more severe the blockage is. To prevent overheating, the dryer will shut off when these error codes appear.

Can a clogged dryer vent cause the dryer not to work?
One of the most common signs that your dryer vent is clogged is that your laundry and clothes will take much longer to dry. Try vacuuming out the vent many times this will fix the problem. If it is completely blocked, the dryer will not be able to operate at all.Dec 3, 2021

Why does my dryer vent keep getting clogged?
Cleaning out the lint buildup in your dryer vent is crucial to avoid potential hazards caused by factors such as blocked vents or excessively long hoses. It is recommended to regularly check for lint accumulation and clean it out as needed to ensure proper airflow.

What does d90 mean on LG dryer?
When your dryer’s control panel displays a d90 or d95 error, it means that the appliance has detected a blockage of 90% or 95% in the ductwork. This requires immediate attention as it can negatively impact the dryer’s efficiency and performance. The blockage may be caused by lint buildup and debris in the exhaust system of your home.

How do I know if my LG dryer sensor is bad?
If your clothes are still damp after drying, your dryer should continue running until they are completely dry. If your dryer runs for more than a few minutes without shutting off, it means that the dryer sensor is functioning properly. Passing both tests confirms that your dryer sensor is working correctly.

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