Lg Dryer CL Code Won’t Start

  • The CL code on an LG dryer means that the control panel settings are locked.
  • This can happen if the child lock feature is activated or if there is a malfunction in the control board.
  • To unlock the control panel, press and hold the Temp and Dry Level buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
  • If this doesn’t work, try unplugging the dryer for a few minutes and then plugging it back in to reset the control board.
  • If neither of these solutions work, it may be necessary to replace the control board or seek professional repair services.

Have you ever been in a rush to get your laundry done, only to find that your LG dryer won’t start and is displaying the dreaded CL code? It’s a frustrating experience that can leave you feeling stressed and unsure of what to do next. This is where expert knowledge and research come in handy.

LG dryers are known for their durability and innovative technology, but even they can experience issues from time to time. The CL code is a common problem that many LG dryer owners face, and it can prevent your machine from starting altogether. Fortunately, there are several potential solutions that may help resolve the issue and get your dryer back up and running.

In this article, we’ll delve into the possible causes of the LG dryer CL code and provide expert advice on how to troubleshoot the problem. From simple DIY fixes to more complex repairs, we’ve got you covered. So if you’re tired of staring at your lifeless LG dryer and need some guidance on how to fix it, read on!

The Quick Answer:

The CL error code on LG dryers stands for Child Lock, a safety feature that prevents children from accidentally starting or stopping the dryer or changing its settings. To unlock the control panel, press and hold down the “Temp” and “Options” buttons simultaneously for three seconds until you see “Loc” disappear from the display. If unlocking doesn’t work, check wiring connections and fuses or reset the dryer by unplugging it for several minutes.

Understanding the CL Error Code on LG Dryers

LG dryers are known for their reliability and durability. However, like any appliance, they can experience various issues, including error codes. One of the most common error codes that LG dryer owners encounter is the CL error code. This code indicates that the control panel is locked and cannot be operated until it is unlocked.

What does “CL” stand for?

The “CL” in CL error code stands for “Child Lock.” It is a safety feature designed to prevent children from accidentally starting or stopping the dryer or changing its settings.

How to unlock the control panel?

To unlock the control panel on an LG dryer with a CL error code, you need to press and hold down the “Temp” and “Options” buttons simultaneously for three seconds until you see “Loc” disappear from the display. Once unlocked, you can operate your dryer as usual.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the CL Error Code on LG Dryers

If unlocking the control panel does not resolve the CL error code issue on your LG dryer, there might be other underlying problems that require troubleshooting. Here are some possible solutions:

Check if child lock was accidentally activated

Sometimes, it’s possible to activate child lock accidentally without realizing it. Check if this is what happened by pressing and holding down both “Temp” and “Options” buttons again for three seconds until “Loc” appears on display indicating that child lock has been re-activated. Repeat this process to deactivate child lock.

Inspect wiring connections and fuses

A faulty wiring connection or blown fuse could cause a CL error code in your LG dryer. Check if all wires are properly connected and if there’s any visible damage to them. Also, inspect your fuses and replace any that are blown.

Reset the dryer

Sometimes, resetting the dryer can fix the CL error code issue. To do this, unplug your dryer from its power source for several minutes before plugging it back in. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your circuit breaker or fuse box.

Common Causes of a CL Error Code on LG Dryers

The most common cause of the CL error code on LG dryers is activating child lock accidentally. However, there are other possible causes:

  • Faulty wiring connections
  • Blown fuses
  • Control board issues
  • Sensor malfunctions
  • Heating element problems
  • Clogged vents or ducts

DIY Fixes or Professional Repair for CL Errors on LG Dryers?

If you’re experiencing a CL error code on your LG dryer, you might be wondering whether you should attempt to fix it yourself or call a professional repair technician. Here are some factors to consider:

Your level of expertise and experience with appliance repair

If you have experience repairing appliances and feel confident in your ability to diagnose and resolve the issue causing the CL error code, then attempting to fix it yourself might be a good option. However, if you’re not experienced in appliance repair or unsure about what’s causing the problem, it might be better to call a professional.

The severity of the issue causing the error code

If the issue causing the CL error code is simple and easy to fix, such as accidentally activating child lock or resetting the dryer, then DIY fixes might be sufficient. However, if there’s a more severe underlying problem that requires replacing parts or complex repairs, it’s best to call a professional.

Exploring Replacement Options or Alternative Solutions for LG Dryers with CL Errors

If your LG dryer is experiencing persistent CL error codes despite trying DIY fixes and professional repairs, you might be wondering if it’s time to consider replacement options. Before replacing your dryer, here are some alternative solutions to explore:

Upgrading the control board

Sometimes, the issue causing CL error codes on LG dryers is related to a faulty control board. In such cases, upgrading the control board can fix the problem without having to replace the entire dryer.

Cleaning or replacing sensors

Another possible cause of CL error codes is malfunctioning sensors. Cleaning or replacing sensors can often fix this issue and prolong the life of your LG dryer.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Finally, regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent issues like clogged vents or ducts that can cause CL error codes. Make sure to clean your dryer’s lint filter after each use and schedule regular professional cleanings every few years.

In conclusion, if your LG dryer shows the CL code and won’t start, it is likely due to the child lock feature being activated. Simply disabling the child lock will resolve the issue and allow you to start your dryer as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lg Dryer CL Code Won’t Start

Why is my LG dryer turning on but not starting?
In the event that your LG dryer doesn’t start or make any noise after pressing START, the issue may be a failed start switch. Using a multimeter to test for continuity and confirm the failure, it’s recommended that you have a professional dryer repair service replace the switch.

Why does my LG sensor dryer say CL?
The CL code or CHILD/CONTROL LOCK message displayed on a dryer is not an error, but a sign that the Child/Control Lock feature is activated. This function is used to disable the controls, which can be helpful in preventing children from meddling with the dryer’s cycles or operating it.

How do I turn off the CL code on my LG washer?
To disable the CHILD LOCK feature on your LG washer, press and hold the CHILD LOCK button for 3 to 5 seconds. Once deactivated, all buttons on the washer should work as intended. It’s worth noting that on some newer LG front load washing machines, you’ll need to hold down the PREWASH/CHILD LOCK button instead to turn off the CHILD LOCK feature.

What does CL mean on an LG?
The CL symbol on a device is not an error code but indicates that the child lock feature is on. This feature disables the control panel and prevents any changes to its settings. To activate or deactivate the child lock, ensure that the unit is on and press and hold the child lock button for three seconds. This can be done on any device that has a child lock feature.

Why won’t my dryer start but has power clicks?
When your dryer makes a clicking sound instead of starting, it is usually caused by a faulty door switch, start switch, or thermal fuse. If these components are functioning correctly, a broken dryer belt is likely the culprit. This information was reported on May 4th, 2021.

Why does my clothes dryer turn on but won’t start?
When your dryer is turned on but won’t start, it could be due to incorrect settings or user error. To troubleshoot this issue, make sure to press the “Start” button and electric controls firmly, and ensure that the dryer door is firmly closed and latched.

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