How to Fix Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside

Have you noticed a sudden water leak from the refrigerator of your Frigidaire appliance? Are you looking for a way to repair the situation so that it doesn’t get worse? Don’t worry – this article will provide you the detailed steps you need to take to fix your Frigidaire refrigerator leaking water. It will outline what you need to do to ensure your appliance won’t be flooding your kitchen and how you can quickly and easily address the issue.

The fix is simple: turn off the refrigerator and unplug it. Locate the source of the water leakage and use a vacuum cleaner to draw out the excess water. Then replace the cracked or broken components you find. Finally, plug your refrigerator back in and turn it on.

What Causes a Frigidaire Refrigerator to Leak Water?

Leaking water in a Frigidaire refrigerator is a very common problem. There are several potential causes of water leaks and it’s important to correctly diagnose the root cause in order to stop the leak.

The primary cause of water leakage in a Frigidaire refrigerator is a malfunctioning defrost drain. The refrigerator’s defrost cycle melts ice and frost that builds up on the evaporator coils during normal operation. This melt may accumulate in the drain tube, which can become clogged with excess food residue over time. If the clog is severe enough, the water starts to back up and can escape through the refrigerator door. This is a common problem and can be fairly easily fixed by cleaning the clog with warm water and a hand brush.

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Another possible cause of water leakage is a damaged door gasket. This component is responsible for maintaining an airtight seal between the refrigerator door and the cabinet. If the gasket is cracked, worn, or torn it can let the cold air escape, resulting in moisture condensing and leaking from inside the fridge. Replacing the gasket is an easy fix for this problem.

Finally, a faulty water supply line or water filter can also cause a water leak. If the water line is leaking or disconnected, it should be replaced by a qualified repair professional. Similarly, if the water filter is clogged or otherwise faulty, it should be replaced.

How to Inspect a Frigidaire Refrigerator for Leaks

Leaks are a common and concerning problem for refrigerator owners. Fortunately, detecting and responding to them is generally easier than it seems. Having a basic understanding of the components that can cause a leak can help you troubleshoot and take proactive steps to prevent them from happening.

If you own a Frigidaire refrigerator, inspecting it for possible leaks is simple and straightforward. Start by examining the freezer drains for ice buildup, which can cause a blockage and eventual water issues. It’s also important to check the seals around the doors to make sure they are secure and fit properly.

In addition, take a look at the water supply line to ensure nothing is blocking or restricting the flow of water. You should also ensure that the drip pan or water collection tray underneath the unit is free of debris.

Finally, look for signs of standing water or clumps of frost around refrigerator vents or inside the freezer itself. These can be signs of a potential refrigerant leak.

By following the steps above, you’ll be able to effectively inspect a Frigidaire refrigerator for leaks. If a problem is found, it’s important to fix it immediately for optimum appliance performance.

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Steps to Fix a Leaking Frigidaire Refrigerator

Fixing a leaking refrigerator starts with pinpointing the source of the issue and then making the necessary repairs to stop the flow.

Begin by inspecting the freezer. Place a bowl or pan on the floor beneath the freezer to catch any unsafe drainage. Then, make sure the drain pan isn’t blocked with ice or frost. If it is, manually defrost the obstruction by clearing away the frozen chunks. If the drain tray doesn’t contain any ice, check the drain hole and condensation port on the back wall of the fridge. Ensure these aren’t clogged or obstructed.

Next, examine the cooling unit located in the walls of the refrigerator. If the lines are leaking, use a rag to absorb any moisture. Then, take off the cover plate and check the insulation around the cooling unit. If it’s cracked or otherwise damaged, replace it with a new piece.

To address leakage from the water filter, first turn off the water supply. Then, disconnect the water line from the filter and inspect for any malfunctioning or loose connections. Unscrew the filter cap, if necessary, to look for a crack or other sign of damage. If the filter is intact, make sure there are no blockages preventing the proper flow of water. Otherwise, replace the filter and reattach the water line.

Finally, check all other plausible points of leakage, such as the door seals, gaskets and water inlet valve. Check all of the seals for signs of tears, holes or any other damage. Make sure the gaskets are properly secured with no loose screws. For the water inlet valve, inspect the connection points for any imbalance or fracture. Replace the part if necessary.

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Once all fault points have been ​pinpointed and repaired, check for any additional leakage that may persist. Following these steps will help you stop your Frigidaire refrigerator from leaking.

Preventing Future Leaks in a Frigidaire Refrigerator

Leaky refrigerators can be a hassle, and it’s much better to take preventative measures than to deal with the outcome! When it comes to a Frigidaire refrigerator, the best way to prevent water-caused damage is to regularly check and clean the condensation pan. This pan is located at the bottom of the unit, and often collects dirt and dust, as well as water, from the fridge’s cooling system.

Fortunately, it’s not a complicated task to clean the condensation pan. To start, unscrew and remove the two screws at the bottom of the unit, and careful pull the condensation pan away from the base of the fridge. Once it’s accessible, unplug the power supply and use a damp cloth to wipe the pan interior and floor surrounding the fridge. Once it’s clean, put the pan back into place and reinsert the screws. It is important to clean the condensation pan every 1-2 months because it will help prevent water spills on the kitchen floor and build-up of mold and bacteria.


Your Frigidaire refrigerator likely isn’t leaking water inside due to a faulty seal, but more likely due to clogged or blocked defrost drain. Just follow these steps and you may be able to save yourself from the expense of a repair bill. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your refrigerator is key to keep it running smoothly.

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